Ready Steady..Vaanga Let's Makeathon !

Join us for a Productive Weekend

Monotonous weekends? Resolute to be productive but end up binge watching? Sick and tired of running errands for your mom? How about buliding interesting stuff and walking out on a sunday evening with YOUR PROTOTYPE and a project completion certificate? Sounds cool?? Yeupp, you heard it right!!! We've got you covered.


After you've claimed an idea, we'll give you the necessary resources to read and equip yourself regarding the project...
Have all the privilege to select your Best idea!

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Topics covered: Embedded systems, Electrical driver circuits
Cost Estimation :₹ 6,000

Intelligent Traffic Information System

Get live traffic data from google maps, using OpenCV analyse the data and intelligently control the traffic lights to avoid congestion.

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Topics covered: Embedded systems, Electrical driver circuits
Cost Estimation :₹ 12,000

Automatic Path Navigation for the Wheel Chair/ Vehicle

A wheel chair that avoids obstacles and is controlled using joystick or voice commands. Should be able to carry 60kgs

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Topics covered: Machine Learning, Robotics, OpenCV
Cost Estimation :₹ 8,000

Driver-less car

A small toy car that can detect lane and obstacles.Let's DRIVE away !

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Topics covered: IoT, Machine Learning, Embedded system, Carpentry
Cost Estimation :₹ 6,000

Smart Farming

A model of a farm which monitors humidity, pesticide level, temperature, moisture in real-time and maintains the irrigation system based on the weather prediction data for that locality.

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Topics covered: Embedded Systems
Cost Estimation :₹ 7,000

Automatic Handrwriting Machine

Tired of writing your assignments?? Come along with us to build an Automatic Homework writing machine through innovation.

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Topics covered: Raspberry pi, alexa API, python programming, Embedded systems
Cost Estimation :₹ 5,000

Alexa duplicated

Why stick with Google Home or Alexa when you can build your own home assisstant, and name it all you want!

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Topics covered: 3D printing, Embedded systems
Cost Estimation :₹ 5,000

Smart Glasses

Google caused a stir when it announced it was pulling Glass Smart Eyeware from sale.Why not we build one for ourselves?

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Topics covered: Embedded Systems
Cost Estimation :₹ 7,000

Smart Tracker

Ever had to worry a lot for the little things, like keys, wallets, bags, mobile phones?! Let this little guy help you out.

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Topics covered: IoT, Embedded System
Cost Estimation :₹ 6,000

Smart Egg Tray

The IOT enabled Egg tray monitors the count of eggs and displays it on the internet. Also remind the owner when he is near a grocery shop/mall about the low count.

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Topics covered: Embedded System
Cost Estimation :₹ 8,000

Automation of Vehicle
entry / exit in Parking Lots

Has your happiness ever been crushed by putting up a fight with the security at the parking lot?Then , let's make it automated!

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Topics covered: Data logging, Data analytics, Embedded systems :₹ 5,000

Smart system for hazardous
gas detection

Data log the air quality level at different places in Chennai and based on your data,recommend a solution to improve the air quality at the venues.

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Topics covered: Embedded Systems
Cost Estimation :₹ 7,000

Smart System for the Remote Health Monitoring of Elderly Patients

Worried about your Grand Parents?? Build a Wearable Health Monitoring System to keep a track of their activities!

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Topics covered: Electrical circuits
Cost Estimation :₹ 6,000

Development of Smart System
for Women Safety

An undetectable wearable device which gives protection to women.

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Topics covered: Robotics, Embedded system
Cost Estimation :₹ 7,000

Vaccum cleaner robot

An autonomous robot that goes around and cleans the place (or) A mobile controlled robot that cleans the place.

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Topics covered: Embedded Systems
Cost Estimation :₹ 7,000

Automated coffee maker

If its not your cup of Tea , then it can well make for your cup of COFFEE ! Give us a a taste of your COFFEE

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Topics covered: Serial communication, RFID, App building, Embedded systems
Cost Estimation :₹ 5,000

Smart Shopping System

Make a small modification in this. Use a RFID reader in the shopping bag that sends data to your mobile app real time. Also have an RFID reader in the shelves, so if a product is taken from the shelf it should go into the shopping bag in sometime or trigger an alarm. After shopping have a QR code like Paytm and make the payment. Once the payment is made, the door opens and you can walk out. You have to create a model of the shop. For theft management, a database of the inventory has to be maintained.


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Yashas BD

Post graduation in Industrial Automation and Robotics from National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru. Worked at LemaLabs for 3 Years as a Robotics Engineer. Currently working at Prixgen Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Very passionate about mentoring students and guiding them on projects.

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Dinesh SP

Student of Dr. MGR research and development institute Majoring in field of electronics and communication.An expert in Drones,Integrated UAV and UGV.Started life as a student and now the founder and CEO of TechMbed through innovation and hardwork

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Sathish Kumar

Project associate, IIT Madras. He was a student from Kaizen Carreer Initiative. An expert in Microcontroller Architecture, Android Application Development and IOT Concepts.

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Santhosh E

Department of EEE,RMK College of Engineering The Co-Founder of VRSavy is a veteran himself, with projects ranging from IoT to working on sophisticated projects such as Smart HVAC systems, that have acquired worldwide recognition by Tech giants such as Microsoft (Listed in the Global top 10 innovative projects) and has also represented Asia and India as the best project (Enough said)

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Sohil Mehta

Completed B.E ECE at MNM Jain. Was one of our Kaizen Careers student. Worked as a trainer at Lema Labs for 3 years and now working at Ather Energy in Bengaluru.
Was one of the student's favourite trainer at Lema and a good singer as well.

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Aayush Basavesh

Student of Dayananda Sagar college of Engineering, Bangalore majoring in Electrical and electronics engineering Worked on numerous projects on the Arduino and RasPi Exploring the fields of AI and ML simultaneously.

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Adithya U R

Adithya is a 3rd year student at MIT. He is also called "Github King". He is very good at finding solutions for any problem. He has done projects in the field of embedded systems, IoT, ML. He is currently doing an internship at Hyperverge, one of the leading AI companies in India..

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An expert in embedded C, RaspberryPi, PIC Microcontroller, IOT Concepts. He is currently an assistant professor at Jeppiar College.

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Student of Sri Venkateshwara college of engineering, electronics and communication department. Passionate in the areas of deep learning and machine learning

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Karan Ganesan

A computer science engineer from SRM institute of science and technology who is driven towards the areas of VR/AR and IoT.

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Worked at EPRLABs for 2 Years.
Did Masters in Medical Electronics at CEG, Anna University Got placed in CTS and worked for a year. Very passionate about Embedded and Core industries.
Now working at Syrma, who is into RFID based products. Very passionate about mentoring students and guiding them on projects.

  Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Makeathon ?

A Makeathon has it’s focus on the process of making things together. It is more about the progress than it is about the end result. The main drivers for a Makeathon are 4 folds :

  • Having fun creating stuff: Creating something new is an exhilarating experience.
  • Learning while you go: The best way to learn is to build something.
  • Increase your network reach: Professional and Non-Professional friendships are easily formed in the right environment.
  • Aaaaand Most of All: Lip smacking food!! XD

Can I start working on my hack
before the event ?

Nope! Even the most primitive of connections are to be made only after the commencement of the event. However, you can install softwares and packages, make prototype outlines and model before the event. You can even discuss with your respective mentors and plan on how to go about it!

Who can participate ?

Anybody who is a part of Lema Community is eligible to take part in the Make-a-thon (Anyone who has attended workshops/Kaizen robotics program/Machine Learning courses conducted by Lema Labs qualify as a member of the Lema Community :)

I don't have a teammate, can I register?

We have implemented a very effective auto matching system (no, NOT TINDER!), so just in case you are in need of a team, worry not, we've got your back.

How many team members can I have?

A team can have a minimum of 3 members to a maximum of
5 members.

Whom to contact for queries ?

For Technical queries:
1. Dinesh SP : 9003152838 /
2. Adithya UR : 8754571490 /
For Logistical queries:
1. Yashwanth M: 9884594889 /
2. Ashwin : 7358637637 /

Important Details

Registration Starts : 29-07-2018
Registration Ends : 02-08-2018
Mentor Connect Meetup : August 4th & 5th
MAKEATHON : September 8th & 9th